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Recruitment Agency Insurance

Welcome to the best place to be if you're looking for recruitment agency insurance. Whether you're a headhunter working from home or running a consultancy our rock solid insurance policies provide full protection in today's litigious business world.

Worried about the cost? Worried about the hassle? Don't be. On this site, you can arrange all the cover you need at highly competitive rates in just a matter of minutes.

And remember, we're here to help. Call us on 03333 211403 08.30-18.00hrs (mon-fri) to discuss your coverage needs.

It couldn't be easier to protect yourself.
  • Comprehensive coverage from £ 150 p.a
  • Instant cover - download your certificates right away.
  • Buy a full package or single policy - YOU choose
  • All policies underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance ('AA' rated)
  • Fast claims handling
  • Talk to a ' real' broker for the best advice
Our online offering does not provide any vicarious liability cover, i.e. cover for the actions of your placements. If you require this cover it is something we can provide you with but this would be an offline product. For information on this product please contact us on 03333 211403
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Recruitment Agency Insurance

Recruitment Agency Insurance: Hire a policy to protect your business!

AgencyInsure understand's the risk of a recruitment agency, which is why our recruitment agency insurance policies offer the best protection ...... Read More...

A Guide To Recruitment Agency Insurance.

In todays litigious society, recruitment and employment agencies are exposed to all manner of risks....Read More...
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Recruitment/ Employment Agency Insurance Articles

EMPLOYMENT AGENCY INSURANCE: It’s Worth Remembering What It’s For

Employment agency insurance has become something of a necessity.

You may have found already that an increasing number of clients expect you to have full professional indemnity insurance before you have any prospect of acquiring preferred supplier status.

If you have your own staff, you’re required by law to have employers’ liability insurance.

And if members of the public visit your offices, or you ever visit clients’ premises - both of which are almost certainly true for you - most people will tell you it would be foolhardy to operate without public liability insurance.

So the three main elements of an employment agencies insurance package are all pretty much a prerequisite. Which means it can be easy to lose sight of what you’re actually insuring yourself against.

In short, you’re insuring yourself against being sued.

UK society as a whole is becoming more litigious. We may still have a way to go but we’re definitely heading in the US direction. Hardly surprising given the proliferation of ‘no win, no fee’ legal services.

And there are plenty of scenarios which could lead to an employment agency being sued.

A candidate you’ve placed falls short of expectations and the client accuses you of professional negligence in recommending him. A visitor to your offices trips over a cable running across the floor (and, of course, you’ve been meaning to do something about it for ages but...) and injures herself. One of your own employees inadvertently reveals some confidential client information resulting in damage to that client’s reputation.

In all of the above cases, and there are many more possible examples, you could be faced with having to fund very large legal bills (even if it’s not your fault) and possibly an even larger compensation award.

So never mind winning new business. Without employment agency insurance, you could find yourself out of business altogether. Worth remembering, don’t you think?

To find out more about insurance for employment agencies, call ------ or email ------.

Recruitment Agency Insurance: A Necessity, Not An Option

 Whether you’re an individual working from home, a specialist recruitment consultancy or a high street employment agency, in today’s litigious business world you can’t afford to be without effective recruitment agency insurance.

Recruitment is a high pressure environment. Having to win the business of clients as well as attract candidates and then make suitable matches is fraught with potential risk. You may not want to think about it but if you do, you’ll be able to picture the scenarios all too well...

A placement doesn’t work out for whatever reason. The client is aggrieved and looking for someone to blame. If they can pin the blame on you, they will.

And if they can allege negligence on your part – you failed to carry out adequate background checks on the candidate; your professional advice was flawed – then you could easily find yourself being sued. If the case goes against you, the resulting compensation award together with the legal fees could put you out of business.

Or imagine that a temporary worker you have placed with a client makes a mistake that results in significant financial loss or damage to the client’s reputation. Or one of your own ex-employees sues you for unfair dismissal.

Once again, without comprehensive recruitment agencies insurance – including professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance and employers liability insurance – you could be facing costs you literally can’t afford.

Insurance for recruitment agencies has to be a necessity. The stakes are too high for you to view it as an option.

Not that recruitment agency insurance is just about risk management. Increasingly, companies are insisting that potential suppliers have the right insurances in place before tendering for their business. So it’s also an investment in your future growth.

To find out more about the recruitment agencies insurance you know you need, call 03333 211403. email or simply follow this link.

Recruitment Agency Insurance - People Placement Protection (PPP)

We live in a world where ‘claim follows blame’ and in such a litigious environment, it's wise for staffing companies to have recruitment agency insurance in place.

Failure to conduct proper candidate background checks, a temporary worker damaging third party property, a former employee suing for unfair dismissal are just a few examples agency owners need to guard against. Each of these scenario's has the potential to cause considerable financial harm if a disgruntled client or employee claims damages for financial loss. The associated legal fees and compensation payments could knock out one's business in a flash.

And it's just not about protecting business assets. As more contractual conditions are now placed on recruitment agencies by the clients they serve, it's almost impossible to become a preferred supplier without adequate insurance. So recruitment agency insurance shouldn't be seen as an unnecessary business expense, rather an effective risk management tool that can help protect your company, boost turnover and attract new clients.

AgencyInsure - Cost Effective Cover At Affordable Prices

Agency Insure is the UK's leading provider of recruitment agency insurance solutions to the staffing industry. Underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance our policies offer comprehensive coverage to ensure your business enjoys maximum protection at all times. They are specifically designed to serve the insurance needs of small to medium sized agencies whose turnover does not exceed £2million. Premiums start from just £180 per annum.

Products available through our recruitment agency insurance scheme include professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance & employers liability insurance. You have the freedom to chose coverage levels that meet your needs a budget. Applying for cover is easy and hassle free. You can get instant quotes, buy cover and print out your policy documentation online in a few minutes. Why not compare our prices by getting your cheap recruitment agency insurance quote here today.

We believe in providing the very best customer support. So if you have any questions or need help to apply please call our friendly and knowledgeable team of advisors on 03333 211403 (mon-fri 9.00am - 5.00pm) or email:  

Run your people business with complete peace of mind, buy recruitment agency insurance & watch it flourish!

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Recruitment Agencies

With an ever increasing number of litigations in the business world, Agency insure brings you comprehensive recruitment agency insurance packages starting at just £180 pa. Our tailored policies provide peace of mind so you can concentrate on people placement instead of the risks involved.

If things go wrong and a client thinks you have been negligent our professional indemnity insurance for recruitment agencies will shield you financially if you are sued for financial loss. Our bespoke policies cover both the legal fees of any lawsuit PLUS compensation payments if a liability claim is upheld.

For example, a permanent employee you hired for a company is having disciplinary issues and the company finds out from previous employers that he has had a bad track record throughout his entire career span. They might have to fire the employee. Result… The company files a lawsuit against you for erroneous recruitment advice, plus a breach of contract as you did not find them the right candidate. They also include a fine for recovering the time and money they invested in recruiting the employee. The total claim amounts to £65,000!!! Time to call your insurers… What would have happened if you did not their professional indemnity insurance covering your back??

Recruitment is not black & white; it goes beyond the job description. Appropriate candidate selection, short-listing, necessary background checks and meeting the deadlines set by the client are a few important things to be remembered among many, while doing the job. A single mistake could potentially ruin your business . Professional Indemnity Insurance for recruitment agencies is the one solution for all these problems.

So why not buy custom made professional indemnity insurance from and protect your company assets. Our online facility means applying for cover is easy and you can have your policy certificate in your hand in just a few minutes.

To get your cheap employment agency insurance quote please Click Here. Or call our customer services team on 03333 211403.

Employers Liability Insurance for Recruitment Agencies

Businesses today are beset with high rates of employee attrition, wrongful hiring claims, workplace violence, sexual harassment accusations, employee thefts, employee injury claims etc ... the list has no end!

Therefore, Employers liability insurance is a very important risk management tool for recruitment agencies as well. You might be providing employee solutions to other companies but your employees are your responsibility and the UK law says that an employer MUST have employers liability insurance and be insured for at least £5,000,000. Even if you operate as a sole trader and only occasionally hire temporary workers you must still have it. At Agency Insure, we offer standard cover of £10,000,000 at very competitive rates.

Employers liability insurance for recruitment agencies provides financial protection in the event one of your employee's suffers personal injury or fall's ill at work. It will meet the cost of legal fee's AND compensation payments if the court believes the injuries/illness were through the fault/negligence of the employer. 

To get a superfast quote on our recruitment agency employers liability insurance policy, please Click Here. If you require advice on the best coverage for your business please contact us on 03333 211403 or